New themes Pop Up each week!

What is a Pop Up Theme?

A Pop Up is a Themed Sale with items that are available for a limited time. Pop Up Themes are like flash sales but the Pop Up Themes are curated and not just random stuff.

There will usually be one new Pop Up Movie Theme each week but we are also working on themes for other products that will be in addition to the Pop Up Movie Themes.

With some of our contracts, we can not advertise Pop Up Theme prices publicly (and in some cases we MIGHT have to hint at what the item is) - so you have to be a member to log in, see pricing, and build your pack.

Membership is FREE, but you have to sign up in order to see the sales.

The bulk of what we offer to start with will be movies (DVDs, Blu-rays, & Steelbooks) but other items will Pop Up like Books, Graphic Novels, Toys, Geek Lifestyle, Pins, etc. We expect to offer at least 30 items in each Movie Pop Up Theme. All items will be NEW, no “previously viewed” items, or store returns.

We think you’re going to love the selection and the pricing.

How does Pop Up Pack work?

Pop Up Pack takes the "Mystery" out of Mystery box and puts you in control!

Each week we pick at least one theme (Sci-fi, Action, Mystery, Thriller, Anime... you get the idea) which will include between 30 and 50 items for you to select and build your pack. There is no minimum order and no obligation to order at all, so you can get a pack with only one item, or you can jumbo-size it with everything we have to offer for one Pop Up Theme or all Pop Up Themes. YOU build your pack, the way YOU want it. No duplicates or disappointments (except potentially in the case of Mystery Packs, more on those below).

The First Pop Up Theme of each month will be Thrillers (sometimes combined with another genre to add variety).

Shipping is a flat $5 for all U.S. orders (or free with your shipping credit), no matter how many items you order! See here for information about international shipping.

All members have access to EVERY Pop Up Them sale, including the regular weekly themes and other special Pop Ups we have planned.

To sum up:
  • Pop Up Pack offers themed items for you to pick from each week.

  • YOU pick and build your pack so you know what you are going to get.

  • There is no obligation to buy.

  • There is no minimum order, get as many or a few items as you like during each Pop Up.

  • Shipping is a flat $5 for all US orders or you can earn FREE shipping credits when you refer people to Pop Up Pack!

  • It’s FREE to sign up, so you should go ahead and become a member.

What is a Mystery Pack?

We offer Mystery packs in some Pop Up Themes.

Every Thriller Pop Up will offer a Blu-ray Mystery Pack (4 Blu-rays picked by us for $20.00) We will also offer Blu-ray and DVD mystery packs on some of the other Pop Up Themes. (4 Blu-rays for $20, or 4 DVDs for $15).

None of the titles in that theme’s Mystery pack will be available separately in that Pop Up theme, so you can add on to the mystery pack with no worries.

How do I order a Pop Up Pack?

Join Pop Up Pack by clicking here and following the instructions. Once you're a member, ordering is easy!
  1. Log into Pop Up Pack to see the current Pop Up Theme(s).

  2. Check boxes next to the items you want (most will be $4 to $6).

  3. Checkout.

  4. After a Pop Up Theme ends, Pop Up Pack ships your order and emails your tracking information.

What is the availability of items in each Pop Up Theme?

We try to have enough in stock available for everyone, but items are first come, first serve - some items will sell out before each pack closes. Availability will be extremely limited on some items. We’ll offer as many units as we can, but when an item sells out, that’s it.

Why do you want payment information up front?

We understand that there can be some concern about handing over payment information without actually seeing the product. The reason we ask for this up front is because our site operates as a membership club. We offer weekly themed sales, and you do have to be a member to see the full list of items in the sale. We collect the requested information up front so that our members do not have to enter their payment information each week in order to check out. Instead, we have a very simple interface that allows our members to check the items they wany and click "Place Order" for a quick and easy checkout experience. We do not ever sell or in any other way misuse our customer's private data. Membership is free, and you can always cancel at any time.

If you’re uncomfortable joining without knowing what is in each week’s sale, you can sign up for our email list where we send an email each week with a sample of some of the titles we offer when we announce each sale. You can sign up for that email list here:

However, you have to be a subscriber in good standing in order to access and order from each pop up sale. We have limited quantities of many titles and agreements on some not to advertise the sale price outside of our membership.

If you do not wish for our PCI Compliant processing provider to hold on to your payment information, we recommend that you use the Paypal payment option. By doing so, you will not need to enter any payment information into our site.

Why was I charged $1.00?

When you first join Pop Up Pack, we are required to validate your credit card for future purchases. Our credit card servicer runs an authorization to validate your credit card, and some banks require that authorization to include a small charge. The $1 charge is immediately voided and returned to your card thereafter - the actual length of time depends on your bank's policies, but it usually happens in less than 24 hours.

How much is U.S. shipping?

For U.S. Customers shipping is a flat $5 per order. You can not combine shipping across multiple Pop Up Themes. Each theme is its own flash sale.

Do you ship internationally? How much does it cost?

Yes, we ship to most of the countries on this planet but the shipping costs vary. Shipping uses our international shipping discounts and is calculated at checkout.

Important Note on REGION CODES: Any movie titles that we offer are assumed to be Region 1 or Region A/1. You will need a Region A/1 or Region-Free player or computer in order to play most of the discs that we ship.

When does Pop Up Pack ship?

While many of our listed items are in stock, Pop Up Pack items are sometimes pre-orders with a fast ship window. The next business day after a Pop Up Theme ends, we finalize everyone’s orders with our suppliers and they start shipping discs to us so that we can ship your Pop Up Pack to you. Most Pop Up Packs will ship within a week of the pack closing but we ask that you give us 7 to 10 days from the end of each Pop Up theme to receive your tracking email. We’re here to answer any questions at